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From the Shadows Comes a Leader

There are many residents of Pioneer, Pine Grove and Volcano residents that have not met, much less heard of Jeff Brown. That's exactly what Jeff would like to see end. Currently, he is President of the First Mace Meadows Water Association and he takes seat as the Chairperson of the Upcountry Community Council January 8th. But still, that is not enough. Jeff feels that it is long overdue to run for Board of Supervisors.
"I am going to run a clean campaign. That's who I am, " Jeff said emphatically to his supporters. "We need an honest and experienced leader for Supervisor for District 3. I feel I really am the best candidate for the job."
Jeff Brown is anxious to meet and greet his neighbors in District 3. Jeff is heading out today to knock on doors. Look for him in your neighborhood.
JEFF BROWN IS COMING! You can count on it!

Committee to Elect Jeff Brown D3 2018
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