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I endorse Jeff Brown.  He is there to listen and cares about his people.. Tammy Demetrus. — Tammy Demetrus

I officially endorse Jeff Brown.  Jeff is the best choice, he doesn't owe anything to the SEIU Union or the Foothill Conservancy pretend Wild & Scenic Mokelumne River!!! 

Louis Boitano, Retired Amador County Supervisor

— Louis Boitano

Jeff is more than able to serve as our District #3 Supervisor. He has demonstrated his knowledge of government workings as the current President and long time board member of the First Mace Water District in Pioneer. He knows "water" and our concerns with outside district and outside county groups attempts to control and limit our local water supply. Unlike our current supervisor who kowtows to these groups, Jeff will keep our interests at heart. His military background has also given him the ability to manage and coordinate projects and various committee responsibilities that will come his way as supervisor. He won't need someone to "pull his strings" and tell him what to do as is the case now. Jeff has our full support. — Phil & Cindy Fondale

My wife and I are proud to support Jeff Brown for District 3 Supervisor for Amador County. As residents of Amador County for over 60 years, we know he is the change we need for this district. He is a person with honesty and integrity that we are proud to support.  Floyd Martin, American Legion Post 108, District 3 Resident — Floyd Martin

I am endorsing Jeff Brown for election to District 3 Supervisor for Amador County.  I have met him and discussed his values.  I know that he has been a working man and supervised aircraft operations for the Air Force and USDA Forest Service.  I have come to know that he cares about those working for the County and those who have been working people, now or retired, that could be his constituents.  I have seen him as a person who looks at details and makes decisions based upon facts.  I want him to represent me on the Board of Supervisors in the coming four years.  Earl Curtis, Retired Firefighter — Earl Curtis

Jeff Brown is a Statesman, not a politician.  He is a fellow Veteran and will support us as Veterans in the upcountry.  Let's all get behind Jeff.   Joel Snell, Pioneer, CA — Joel Snell

Jeff Brown listens. While his opponent may say that also, the real question is what happens after they listen. His opponent is beholden to special interests such as the SEIU, while Jeff is beholden to no one but his actual constituents. Furthermore, he has the proven ability to prioritize, that is to get the best results from existing resources. This is essential to continuing to fix our roads for just one instance. His years of work with the Forest Service give him the unique background necessary to understand the situation of this district that stretches to Alpine County. — Mark Bennett

It's time for a District 3 County Supervisor that produces something besides words, someone that will represent the needs of the taxpayers instead of special interest groups. It's time to stop experimenting with people that have no management experience. Let's elect someone with a proven management record that isn't just another politician. — Gary & Jean Dorall

Jeff and I have worked as a team on the First Mace Meadow Water Board for more than ten years. He as President and me as Treasurer, He has honored me by asking me to serve as his campaign treasurer. I am pleased and proud to do so and I invite all who know me to join the team with your verbal and financial support to make his election a reality. Let's bring him "out of the shadows" into the bright sunlight of VICTORY. Not only for him but for all of Amador County. Especially all of us UP COUNTRY FOLKS. Watch the count down to June 5th on this website and make your vote count by marking the ballot "FOR JEFF.. He is coming. Look for him. — Luther Shore

I support Jeff Brown 100%.  I originally encouraged Jeff to run for Supervisor because of his solid leadership in keeping our Water Association solvent, even while other local water associations have struggled.  Jeff is even tempered, approachable and easy to work with.  Jeff truly cares about Amador County.   — Don Jacobson

I am endorsing Jeff Brown for District 3 Supervisor for the following reasons: We are living now in perilous times and Jeff is a proven patriot who cares deeply about his country, family and the county where he lives. He has personal integrity and know he has the proven experience to work to protect us while managing our County's public monies as well as preserving the balanced budgets that our county has had. He is very approachable and considers all viewpoints and their corresponding ramifications, which allows him to seek innovating solutions in resolving conflicting issues. His military, water and fire qualifications will serve him well in representing the needs of District 3 and our County. -Retired Consultant for the Paul Gann's Committee on Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Government, Resident District 3 — Sherry Curtis

Jeff is exactly what we need in the upcountry now.   He knows how to maintain a large budget.  He is conservative, thoughtful and introspective before making decisions.  Jeff has always remained even-tempered and calm even when we differ on opinions. I appreciate strong christian beliefs.  As an Air Force Veteran of 24 years of service at Travis AFB, he has great pride in the US, our State of California, and our beautiful Amador County. 

John Sondeno, Pine Grove Resident

— John Sondeno

I'm behind Jeff. Let's get this done.

Russ Brown, District 3 Resident

— Russel Brown

I support Jeff Brown for Supervisor.  Gloria Jacobson, Resident Pioneer — Gloria Jacobson

I endorse Jeff Brown.


— Gwen Clayton

27124 Silver Dr, Pioneer — Ron Schaffner

I support Jeff 100%. It is time the people in District 3 had someone who cares about the citizens for a change.  Wade Corbeil, District 3 Resident — Wade Corbeil

I have faith in Jeff's integrity to work for all the people of this community and I have seen the successful work he has done for the Mace Meadow Water Board and his years with the Forestry. -Kari Collins, Small Business Owner Amador County — Kari Collins
Anne Heissenbuttel
Richard Wilson

Committee to Elect Jeff Brown D3 2018
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